Bigger and Badder

Okay, so I don’t expect that you will be even one-eighth as excited about the relaunch of Sly Rooster: Creating Comfortable Cooks as I am but I hope that you will embrace the changes and reap the benefits.

First and foremost, my site finally features a comprehensive recipe index. The index is organized by category with live links to each recipe. You can still search by key word (ie: spinach) but if you want to see a list of chicken recipes, the Recipe Index is the place to go. There are a couple of kinks that I am working out (there’s always a kink, isn’t there?) and one is that the index images are tagged with the blog title as opposed to the recipe name. In some cases they are one in the same, so all is well, but sometimes it can be a bit confusing (as in Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Bruschetta is labeled “Book Club”). Another issue I am working through is how to get multiple recipes from one blog post to appear as separate recipes in the index. For instance, when I originally posted “All Star Line-Up” I shared three fantastic recipes for entertaining–Chicken Marbella, Eli’s Salmon, and Panko-Stuffed Swordfish–but only the swordfish appears in the index. I hope to resolve these issues shortly.

In addition, you can now print, pin or save each recipe with the click of a button. I thank those of you who have patiently filed my emails into a recipe folder, printed posts in their entirety or cut and pasted recipes into Word documents but now things are simplified. Save my recipes on your Pinterest boards or print a copy for your kitchen counter. You can even create an account on Yumprint (by clicking “save” on the recipe card) and create your own online cookbook. But rest assured that all of these recipes will always be at your fingertips here at

There are a couple of other technical glitches that I am working on behind the scenes–most having to do with the new design–but I won’t bore you any longer. Is it obvious that I am obsessed?

So please spend a little time exploring Sly Rooster: Creating Comfortable Cooks and reacquainting yourself with some recipes that you may have forgotten about or missed entirely on the first go-around. If you are inclined to add your comments via the “Leave a reply” section at the bottom of each post–please do! Many of you who search for recipes on the internet are accustomed to browsing the “Comments” to determine the popularity of a recipe and even pick-up tips and substitutions. I know that I rarely trust a new recipe without considering this valuable feedback. With the Recipe Index, you may find it easy enough to go back to older posts and comment on recipes you’ve made in the past. I would appreciate this tremendously as your creativity inspires me and will most definitely appeal to others. 

Finally, if you like what you see PLEASE share Sly Rooster with your friends, relatives, co-workers, mailmen…and encourage them to subscribe to my blog. Whether it’s via email, Facebook, Twitter or your own blogs, I could really use your help to get the word out.

It’s go time! Click on the Recipe Index above and start exploring. I’ll post a new recipe next week but right now I’d like to call attention to several old favorites. These recipes were popular when they first appeared but I fear may have been lost in the shuffle. So, take a walk down memory lane and let us all know how it goes. Enjoy!

Chicken—-Lemon Chicken Breasts (“Back to Basics”)

Dessert—-DeeDees Brownies

Hors d’oeuvres—-Corn and a Goat Cheese Queso (“Doubls Ds”)

Sides—-Marinated Grilled Eggplant with Garlic and Mint AND Grilled Eggplant in Garlic Oyster Sauce (“A Tale of Two Eggplants”)

Vegetarian—-Spinach Gnudi

Vegetarian—-Kimchi Quesadillas (“Kimchi Crazy”)

Vegetarian—-Samosa Pie