Assessing the Coop

Simple is only simple if you are prepared.  Period.

A four ingredient dish is only easy when you have the four ingredients on-hand at the moment you need them. Throwing a quick dinner together or welcoming last minute guests into your home is only stress-free if you are comfortable in your own kitchen. But when your life is in constant motion and cooking feels like “just one more thing on the ever-expanding To Do List”it can be a challenge to get ahead of the game and be poised for success.

This is where Sly Rooster comes in.  With a little planning, some targeted shopping, guidance on timing and a collection of carefully selected recipes, you can prepare meals for your family and friends that will have you looking like quite the Clever Hen.

After a complimentary PRE-EVALUATION survey to understand your food preferences, family situation, challenges and goals, Sly Rooster will help you become the prepared cook and effortless entertainer to which you have always aspired.

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