Personal Shopping for Your Pantry

Only available locally at this time, Sly Rooster will fulfill your pantry staple list for you or with you. If time is at a premium, Sly Rooster will STOCK YOUR PANTRY, purchasing and delivering all of the staples to your home.

If you choose to SHOP TOGETHER, the opportunities are limitless.  Do you have trouble selecting fresh produce? Unsure when brand names make a difference or where cost savings should be the priority? Wondering which cuts of meat work with which cooking methods, or for that matter, which shapes of pasta are best with specific sauces? Sly Rooster will lead the way, aisle by aisle, store by store with your questions being the compass.  You’ll discover freezer products that are great to use in a pinch and jarred sauces or condiments that defy the common wisdom of fresh always being best.

The shopping trip will be immediately followed by a collection of FIVE ‘GO-TO’ RECIPES that make use of the products that were in your shopping cart and are currently sitting on the shelves of your pantry, freezer and refrigerator. These recipes will be reflective of the season, while taking into careful consideration your family’s preferences and needs.  This excursion will prove to be a complete learning experience resulting in a newfound confidence in the kitchen.

Please contact for pricing and more information.

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