Special Occasions

It’s time to strut your stuff.  Holiday meals, dinner parties, family celebrations, cocktail hours…you name it.  After a thorough EVENT EVALUATION which will cover the type of event, guest list, proposed date, specific obstacles and goals, Sly Rooster will help you:

  • plan a menu
  • create a shopping list
  • map out timing
  • execute

—whatever it takes to put your best foot forward and entertain with ease. 

Working through all the details such as, which components can be made in advance or even purchased; what serving pieces you should use; getting a handle on the ever-intimidating issue of course timing—nothing will be left to chance. 

You will be armed and dangerous with a fabulous menu and a detailed plan because the Sly Rooster motto is: 

Happy + Relaxed Host = Happy + Relaxed Guests = Good Times

Please contact dani@slyrooster.com for pricing and more information.

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